News and Exhibits

Women at Williams: The College’s Road to Coeducation

“Women at Williams: the College’s Road to Coeducation,” an exhibit curated by Archivist Sylvia Brown, seeks to uncover the history of the College’s sometimes mixed response to educating women, and sets this against strides made nationally in women’s and other social issues. While we can't welcome you to view the exhibit in person, you can check out the timeline developed for this exhibit online. Continue reading »

“Temperance” beverage

This Fine Temperance Beverage was pretty chunky...lots of lemon pulp, chunks of pineapple, and raspberry seeds.  It was also SO SWEET.  I've heard that temperance beverages were made very sweet to tempt folks away from alcohol, but this did not make me want to stop drinking.  Not being a teetotaler myself, I decided to add some "demon alcohol" as suggested in the recipe below the temperance beverage, and do a taste test. Continue reading »

Fourth of July Readings

This year the Chapin Library at Williams College and the Williamstown Theatre Festival have prepared a video program of the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence and related documents. We begin with a brief document of local interest. On May 10th, 1776, the… Continue reading »

Shishmaref doughnuts

I chose the "Eskimo cook book" to highlight indigenous contributions to our cookbook collection. This book was written by students of a day school in Shishmaref, an Inupiaq town on an island in the Chukchi Sea. The children compiled recipes reflecting the unique combination of indigenous and European-influenced traditions of their town. Continue reading »

Miss Leslie’s pound cake

This week's Rare Books Bakeoff features Archivist Sylvia Kennick Brown: Preparation of the cake coincided with our puppy's first birthday. Because the 1830s recipe includes nutmeg, however, Mishka couldn't nibble at the leftovers. Yes, nutmeg is poisonous for dogs. Continue reading »

“Their Wonderful Mechanism”

Microscopic image of a fly

“Their Wonderful Mechanism”: Looking at Bugs in the Age of Enlightenment, a display by graduate art history student Troy Sherman, Class of 2021, opened in the Special Collections Instruction Gallery in March just as the libraries were closing due to the pandemic. The exhibition, drawn from books in the… Continue reading »

Williams Black Lives Matter Project

Williams Black Lives Matter Project, 2020

Faith Rodriguez images, 2020. Williams Black Lives Matter Project. Williams Special Collections. Williams Student Union and Williams Libraries are collaboratively putting out a call out for submissions from all Williams students, staff, and faculty for photos, videos, poetry, art, and reflections… Continue reading »