Researching Off Campus

Many Williams subscription resources are accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. However, you will need to authenticate as a Williams user in order to get access. How you authenticate depends on where you are starting your research.

I’m starting:

  • When you're off campus, signing in to the catalog expands your options for searching and managing your results.  It will also allow you to access many Williams subscription resources directly.

    If you're signed in to the library catalog and are unable to access an article or other electronic resource, try connecting through the proxy server instead.

    If you're still unable to access something, it's possible that we do not have a subscription to it.  You can request to borrow a copy through interlibrary loan.  If you think it's something that we have access to, but is not working, contact a librarian for help.

  • There are two ways to access our databases remotely:

    Check our A-Z list to see which method your resource uses.  Shibboleth resources are marked with a red "S".  If there is no "S", you should connect using the proxy server.

If you need help connecting from off-campus, you can always ask a librarian.