Our Libraries

At Williams, we pride ourselves on communal learning. We believe that interactions among students, faculty, and staff- in both formal and informal settings- are the best drivers of personal and intellectual growth. Yet, what drives those interactions themselves? Part of the answer lies in the physical spaces in which Williams people live and work.

Sawyer Library
Houses collections in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, and is a federal depository library. The Sawyer Library building is also home to the Center for Educational Technology. Contact the Sawyer Circulation Desk: (413) 597-2501.
Schow Science Library
Located in the Science Center, houses materials in the life sciences, physical sciences, and psychology. Contact the Schow Services Desk: (413) 597-4500.
Special Collections
Located in Sawyer Library, includes the College Archives and Chapin Library. Houses materials on the history of the college, rare books, manuscripts, and other special collections. Contact the Special Collections Reading Room: (413) 597-4200.