Using the Libraries

Williams Libraries are open to the public.  Anyone may visit in person to view our collections and exhibits, and access most online resources from public computers.

We were designated a United States Federal Depository Library in 1858. We are committed to providing access to U.S. government information to the Williams community and beyond.

Driving Directions and Parking

Accessible Parking

Sawyer Library

We advise visitors to Sawyer Library with limited mobility to use one of the four accessible parking places on Hopkins Hall Drive. These are on the same level as the accessible main entrance to the Library. There is an additional accessible parking place in the upper parking lot, but this route includes a slope up to the main entrance. At this time there are no accessible parking places in the visitor lot and parking in this lot involves a circuitous route to an accessible entrance.

Schow Science Library

Visitors to the Schow Science Library with limited mobility may use accessible parking places near Jesup Hall on Campus Lab Drive, which are on the same level as the accessible entrance to the science library.