News and Exhibits

It’s thesis time!

Thesis students and advisors: remember that theses are submitted electronically using our new online form. Paper release forms are no longer required. Further details on submitting your thesis and obtaining a personal copy can be found on the Special Collections website. In order for your thesis to appear… Continue reading »

New Schow Exhibit: a.periodicity

In the 1960’s, Hao Wang and Robert Berger produced a set of aperiodic tiles with matching rules that, if used to completely cover the plane, produce a pattern that is not similar to itself under translation. Smaller sets were discovered in the subsequent years, until the 1970’s when… Continue reading »

New Sawyer Exhibit: Stacks as Artifacts

One of the case from REL/CLAS 215 Spring 2018 Final Project

Featuring the final projects of students in REL/CLAS 215, “The New Testament: From Word to Book”, includes 24 New Testament selected by students from Sawyer Library or the Chapin Library. Focusing on the Gospel According to John, each student draws our attention to how one specific material feature of their New Testament works to make that New Testament a particular type of meaning-making thing. Materials from the Chapin Library used for this class, are on display in the Special Collection Teaching Gallery. Continue reading »

Missing citations from PsycInfo

citation needed

A recent update to PsycInfo created a problem with cited references.  Both reference lists and "cited by" info are missing from entries in the database. As a result, citation searching is not possible using PsycInfo. Continue reading »

First World War papers in the Archives

Spring 2018 intern Brad Havill arranged and described several collections of personal papers in the College Archives, including collections of correspondence and photographs from two Williams graduates who served in the First World War. Continue reading »