I was a member of Sigma Phi which was where the first Sawyer Library was.  Jack was also a member of Sigma Phi and was President of the college when he wanted us to give the house to the College as he was getting rid of fraternities.  As editor of The Record it was a dilemma for me.

Seth Bidwell, Class of 1949

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  1. Several members of my family, who lived near the site of the original Van Rensselaer manor house from which parts were taken to construct this building, were members of Sigma Phi at Williams, and there was obvious pressure on my to “rush” there, but my close friends were rushing other fraternities, and so I went elsewhere, but I could console myself with the thought that access to what I thought was an historic building (though that was eventually questioned) would be open to anyone at Williams. Our class will help in saving and renovating the Kellogg House, and the Jerome House, which was once owned by my great-grandfather, seems to be at a safe distance from all this construction at the center of the campus.

    – Doug Olcott, Class of 1966

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