Grace Paine Terzian '74

I wish I could recall the name of the earnest middle-aged librarian who helped me with an unusual request one day at Sawyer Library.  He might have been the Head Librarian for all I know. I was conversing with a handsome young man and I mentioned that Wint-O-Green Life Savers sparked in your mouth if you chewed them fast in a dark room. He didn’t believe me, so I said that we’d just have to go find a dark room in the library and I could prove it on the spot. I asked the helpful librarian if there was a dark room, because I needed to share something concerning a chemical reaction (!) with my friend. Well, the librarian darted around looking everywhere for a VERY dark room with the two of us following, somewhat embarrassed that he was going to such lengths. I kept saying, “I’m very sorry, but this isn’t quite dark enough.” Finally he found a closet for us (!!), and I sheepishly told him the reason for the request. He looked at me for a bit (no doubt thinking this is what happens when you bring women to the school), and then broke out in laughter, saying, “I thought you were working on a science experiment. Do you realize how much this expenditure of my time has cost the school? But I needed a break.” My friend and I went into the closet and I was proved correct. I asked the librarian if he’d like to join us, but he declined.
–Grace Paine Terzian ’74