Best Working Shift

Upon receiving Sawyer Library as my work study assignment freshman year, I could not have been more happy. That eph-oria lasted until Winter Study when I learned that newest student staff members received the worst Circulation Desk shift.  I cannot remember how many times Ms. Flynn or Ms. Irace had to phone me around 8 a.m. to remind me my Library shift had already begun. By senior year I am happy to say I picked my ideal time slot. Sunday evenings: long after fellow students (and myself) had slept in and eaten tater tots and about the time everyone was realizing how little work they had done that weekend. I was thrilled to sit at the Circulation Desk and greet each person I knew and learn about their particular weekend activities.  Apart from earning my coveted time slot I am thankful for the enduring friendships I formed with wonderful student co-workers at Sawyer.

–Jody Abzug, Class of 1988