Portraits Return

While the process of acclimating to the new library continues, the latest sign of progress is the reappearance of the portraits of the two namesakes of the building.  The portrait of Francis Lynde Stetson, Williams Class of 1867, for whom Stetson Hall was named was rehung in the historic reading room last week.

Stetson portrait

The portrait of John Edward Sawyer, Class of 1939, was moved from the original Sawyer Library to the new building, which will also bear his name. Under President Sawyer’s watch as our 12th President, the college eliminated fraternities and admitted women, a remarkable legacy.

Sawyer portrait

In addition, the portrait of Roger Preston, Class of 1922, was rehung in the room created in his memory. The paneling from that room, previously located in historic Stetson Hall, was disassembled and stored during construction of the new library. The room was recreated by BCJ and the contractors on Level 1 and now serves as a reading room for current periodicals.

Preston portrait