Demolition Preparation Continues

A crew from J.H. Maxymillian, Inc. is in place and continuing to prepare for the demolition of the exterior of old Sawyer Library. Nearby Hollander and Schapiro Halls will be protected by plywood over windows and steel netting over the surfaces that will be directly exposed as the nearby portion of Sawyer is taken down.

The north side of Sawyer, facing Hollander, with plywood removed and shifted to Hollander.
Old Sawyer north

Steel beams that will support the wire mesh which will protect Hollander and Schapiro Halls
protective beams

The inside of the building has been emptied of remaining lights and other metal, all headed for recycling

Old Sawyer open window

The west side of Sawyer, facing Paresky, after the cedar tree and concrete planter have been removed

Old Sawyer west 1

Old Sawyer west 2