600 Pounds (or more) of Books

Little know fact: one of the special book trucks used by National Library Relocations staff can hold between 600 and 1000(!) pounds of books.

The crew from NLR has been doing great work for these past three weeks. Over 75% of the collection has been packed and a good portion of those items are now shelved in the new library. We anticipate that the entire collection will be in the new building by the end of the day July 11 though some books may still need to be unpacked.

Thanks to Diane Pikul and the NLR crew for their great work and to the library staff members who helped with traffic control between the two buildings.  Thanks, too, to campus members whose path through campus has had to be altered during the move.

The NLR crew…

NLR moving crew

Move vehicles…

NLR empty trucks

NLR crates

Progress on the finished project…

NLR ref books

NLR books2

Note: photos provided by Diane Pikul