Sawyer Stories

Erryn Leinbaugh ’99

It was late in the semester and I was rather behind on my reading, so naturally I fell asleep at some point. I woke needing to use the bathroom, so groggily stumbled into the restroom. Continue reading »

A Real All-Nighter

At some point during my freshman year (1983/1984), about ten of us Williams women decided to spend the entire night (undetected) in Sawyer Library. With visions of "The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" in our heads, we hatched our plans. Continue reading »


I was a member of Sigma Phi which was where the first Sawyer Library was. Jack was also a member of Sigma Phi and was President of the college when he wanted us to give the house to the College as he was getting rid of fraternities. Continue reading »

John Legaré Williams, Esq. ’98

I think of Sawyer as the birth of the internet at Williams College. It was my sophomore year in 1995 when I first checked my email in Sawyer to discover I had 1.5 years of emails to go through (all 20 of them). I also browsed the web for… Continue reading »

Grace Paine Terzian ’74

I wish I could recall the name of the earnest middle-aged librarian who helped me with an unusual request one day at Sawyer Library. He might have been the Head Librarian for all I know. I was conversing with a handsome young man... Continue reading »

Terri Williams ’88

Toolin' at the Libes would not be complete without falling asleep at the top of one of the double- decker carrels with a cookies and cream Frost from the snack bar on the desk next to you. When the closing bell went off- I was startled. I knocked the full shake over the side... Continue reading »