Library Construction News

Service Desk Millwork

Sawyer Library Construction

The millwork for three of the four service desks in the building arrived on Monday and assembly was complete by late Wednesday. The Circulation and Research Help Desks are located on Level 3 and the Technology Help Desk is on Level 2 at the entrance to the Center for Educational… Continue reading »

Milestone: Moving Sawyer Books into New Building

Sawyer Library Construction

After two years of planning, the move of the Sawyer collections into the new library began on Monday, June 16. Or rather, the move of shelves from Sawyer were moved to prepare for the move of books. The National Library Relocations crew had delivered book trucks and supplies the previous… Continue reading »

Reading Room Returns!

Sawyer reading room

The traditional, iconic two-story reading room has been beautifully restored as has been seen in earlier posts. Today, the restored reading room tables from original Stetson arrived after work by the D.R. Dimes firm. It has been worth the wait. The unloading… Continue reading »

Open House for Class of 2014

Senior tour of the library

Williams College Libraries and the Office of Information Technology co-sponsored an open house for this year’s graduating seniors. Over 300 students, and a few early arriving parents, visited the new building during Senior Week. The reaction to the new building was very positive and enthusiastic though many admitted envy for… Continue reading »

More Colors Introduced by New Furniture

Sawyer Library Construction

More seating and tables have arrived and been set up in the library. CET and special collections furniture will be highlighted in a future post. Starting at the top of the building and working down. The Mezzanine lounge chairs have arrived. Continue reading »

Fine tuning continues

Sawyer Library Construction

The type of work underway in the building has long since changed from large scale construction to finish work. And now some of the finish work is really of a touch up variety. There is always paint that requires additional attention, as shown here in the book stacks atrium. Continue reading »

More Furniture…

Sawyer Library Construction

The building continues to receive a wide variety of new furniture. Here is a quick survey of installed computer tables and different styles of seating to be used throughout the building. Collaborative computer tables, Research Commons:… Continue reading »

Loading the Building with Furniture

Sawyer Library Construction

The delivery of furniture for the building continues even as initial work on installation of public and staff workstations begins. Open spaces are beginning to be crowded with furniture awaiting to be uncrated and assembled. Public computer tables begin to be assembled… Continue reading »

Next Milestone: Furniture Delivery Begins

Sawyer Library Construction

Three large tractor trailer trucks full of Knoll furniture arrived on Monday, May 12. This large delivery included book cases for staff and faculty offices, chairs for tables in open areas of the building as well as group study rooms, and office furniture for the Center for Educational Technology and… Continue reading »

Day 4 of Move

Return of special collections

Great progress is being made in loading Archives and Chapin collections into the new library. As of early this morning, 42% of the volumes to be moved into the stacks were in the building although some are not yet unboxed. ┬áThat number has grown to 49% by early morning Friday. Continue reading »