Library Construction News

Photovoltaic Panels

Solar array on top of new Sawyer

In another step toward sustainability for the campus and new Sawyer Library, a major project to add photovoltaic panels (PV)to the roof of the new library is now underway. This major installation will generate approximately 60 kw of power in Williams most recent addition to our alternative energy portfolio. The… Continue reading »

Demolition Proceeding

Old Sawyer demolition

For the past several months, the removal of furniture and then recyclable items have been underway. The final stages of removal are underway prior to the demolition of old Sawyer following Commencement. Here are a few recent images of the building. Interior pics of book stacks areas upstairs:… Continue reading »

Final Exams!

Students studying for finals on the new Sawyer mezzanine

This is our first Final Exam period in the new library.  As we expected both libraries have been packed with students.  A few photos from Sawyer Library follow.  Good luck to our students busy preparing for final exams and writing final papers.  Exams begin tomorrow, December 10.  And to the… Continue reading »

Reading Period, 2014

Students studying on level 3 during reading period

Students are in Sawyer Library in great numbers on Tuesday afternoon of the first Reading Period during which the building has been open. The building is busy AND quiet…… Continue reading »

Like a Duck to Water

People reading on level 4 of Sawyer Library

Students embraced all areas of the new library and are making it their own. A wide variety of seating and spaces are already popular even though the semester is less than a week old. Continue reading »

Portraits Return

Sawyer Library reading room

While the process of acclimating to the new library continues, the latest sign of progress is the reappearance of the portraits of the two namesakes of the building.  The portrait of Francis Lynde Stetson, Williams Class of 1867, for whom Stetson Hall was named was rehung in the historic reading… Continue reading »

Sawyer Library OPENS!

Study areas in the Northeast corner of Sawyer Library

After three years of construction following several years of planning, the new Sawyer Library opened at 8:00 AM this morning. Library student worker Gordon Wilford got up an hour early to be the first person to check out a book (this reenactment occurred later in the day). Continue reading »

600 Pounds (or more) of Books

moving crew

Little know fact: one of the special book trucks used by National Library Relocations staff can hold between 600 and 1000(!) pounds of books. The crew from NLR has been doing great work for these past three weeks. Over 75% of the collection has been packed and a good portion… Continue reading »

Filling the Shelves

Sawyer stacks

A crew of some two dozen workers from National Library Relocations has been working for two weeks moving shelves and then books, DVD’s, CD’s and current journal issues into the new library. The building is looking more and more like a library every day. The move will continue for approximately… Continue reading »