Library Construction News

Landscaping West Entrance

Future Sawyer entrance

Landscaping at the west entrance to the library (old Stetson) continues at a rapid clip. The plaza has been graded and prepared for a base and granite tiles: The retaining wall to the north is receiving a granite facade: Hydroseeding of the main lawn will occur next… Continue reading »

Thinking about Sidewalks

Sawyer foundation nearly filled

As the foundation area of old Sawyer starts to approach final grade, work has begun to develop the base of several sidewalks.  The base of the northern sidewalk through the quad toward Paresky has been placed. The overall area between Hollander and Schapiro has been built up, too. Continue reading »

Filling in the Foundation

Filling foundation hole

With Sawyer taken down, the concrete floor slabs and basement walls recycled as fill, the contour of the land is changing. The steel reinforcing bars and other metals have already been recycled. Breaking up the concrete and using it as part of the necessary fill means (a) the fill not… Continue reading »

The Imagined View a Reality

Sawyer demolition from Paresky

This was an extremely busy week in the demolition of Old Sawyer. Good progress had been made in taking down the building, and no portion of Old Sawyer remained standing by mid-day, July 10. Thanks to many Sawyer staff members for taking the following photos. As will be seen, though… Continue reading »

Old Sawyer – Smaller by the Minute

Demolition of east façade

We are well into Week 2 of the demolition of Old Sawyer. The best evidence of progress can be seen by the removal of the exterior brick skin on two sides of the building. This post includes another of Phil Remillard’s videos, this one as timelapse. The south side… Continue reading »

End of Week 1

Old Sawyer demolition

The demolition of Old Sawyer is progressing on schedule. Taking the building down is just one part of the process. The floor slabs need to be broken apart so that the reinforced steel bar (rebar) can be extracted, sorted, and recycled. The large whole that was the ground floor must… Continue reading »

Coming down…

Old Sawyer demolition

On Monday, June 22 the dismantling of the exterior of Old Sawyer Library began in earnest. Here are a few photos from the first two days: DAY 1… Continue reading »

Ramping Up

Protective screen around Old Sawyer

The number of workers and pieces of equipment on site for the demolition of Old Sawyer continues to grow.  Here is a quick look at activity today. The roof insulation is the latest thing to go A great deal of effort is… Continue reading »

Demolition Preparation Continues

Old Sawyer demolition

A crew from J.H. Maxymillian, Inc. is in place and continuing to prepare for the demolition of the exterior of old Sawyer Library. Nearby Hollander and Schapiro Halls will be protected by plywood over windows and steel netting over the surfaces that will be directly exposed as the nearby portion… Continue reading »

Light It Up

Solar array on top of new Sawyer

The new solar array installed on the roof of Sawyer Library will be connected to the power grid after the building closes this evening. Workers are putting the final connections in place this morning. The panels are now in place on… Continue reading »