Upcoming Workshops

Research as Practice: Research Journals Drop In Series

Research is a practice of finding, thinking, connecting, and starting again. Notebooks are a valuable tool to record your thinking and engage it with curiosity. This drop in session is a semi-structured opportunity to write, diagram, practice, and revisit and build on your thinking while giving you a chance to… Continue reading »

BasicSearch: a workshop series for beginning researchers

Bold black text announces BasicSearch: a workshop series for beginning researchers, September 20 through October 12, Wednesdays 4:30-6pm Thursdays 7-8:30pm on a chartreuse background with a grey outline of a flower.

This workshop series is intended for first-year students and anyone who would like an introduction to researching at Williams. Workshops build off one another, but can be taken individually as well. Sessions will be held on Wednesday afternoons (4:30-6pm) and Thursday evenings (7-8:30pm), September 20 through October 12. Continue reading »