News and Exhibits

Look in the Mirror: Citational Justice Workshop #3

How do your own research practices reflect your values and ethics? How does the pipeline of information you interact with reflect the scholarship of your field? What do you want your work to do? Does it do that? In this workshop, we’ll develop new citational practices that are expansive and… Continue reading »

Ch-ch-ch-changes? Citational Justice workshop #2

How has the breadth of perspectives, lived experience, and recognized authority developed at Williams over the last two decades? Together we will use the framework of citational justice to examine the changing landscape of scholarship in our community. In this workshop we’ll apply the Bechdel Test for scholarship, the Gray… Continue reading »

LibQUAL: closing the feedback circle

In April 2023 we administered the LibQUAL survey of library service quality on campus. Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey. If we ask you about how we are doing, it is only fair that you also see how you all responded. Visit the full story to see the results. Continue reading »

Gray Matter: Citational Justice #1

What is citation? Does it work like it’s supposed to? What should citation be? Who do we see in the public world of information and whose perspectives and experiences are unseen? In this workshop we’ll apply the Bechdel Test for scholarship, the Gray Test, to Wikipedia and interrogate how citations… Continue reading »