News and Exhibits

Audubon’s Birds of America

The Chapin Library’s display of Audubon‘s Birds of America in the original double elephant folio presents a different plate once every two or three weeks, on view in the Steven Schow ’81 Gallery (Sawyer 455), during regular Special Collections hours. Continue reading »

Founding Documents of the United States of America

Selections from the documents in this collection will be on view in the Chapin Gallery, room 406 of Sawyer Library at Williams College, during special events and programs, including the college’s 4th of July readings. During the remainder of the year, the documents are housed in a zero-light storage facility… Continue reading »

Turkish missionary papers available for research

This summer, Brieanna Chillious served as an Archives Intern for Williams College Special Collections in Sawyer Library, and processed a recent donation of the Luther Richardson Fowle (Williams 1908) Papers. Fowle was a missionary and treasurer for the American Board of Commissioners on Foreign Missions. Continue reading »

The Great American Eclipse

Before (or after) viewing – safely! – the Great American Eclipse on August 21st, be sure to visit the Special Collections Instruction Gallery for a display of related works from the 1476 Calendarium of Regiomontanus to Mark Twain’s Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (1889), drawn from the collections of… Continue reading »

Check out the new look!

Our library catalog is getting a makeover in August!  The new interface incorporates a flat, responsive design that provides a more intuitive user experience.  This allows users to get to the information they need more quickly. You can get a sneak preview* of the new look, and make sure… Continue reading »

Foundations of the Earth

“Foundations of the Earth: The Literature of Geology” presents rare books of the 15th to 19th centuries from the Chapin Library’s collections to celebrate 200 years of teaching Geosciences at Williams. Complementing the Archives exhibition in the Steven Schow ’81 Gallery (Sawyer 455), the new display looks at the larger… Continue reading »

Faculty Scholarship @ Williams

New exhibits at Sawyer Library and Schow Science Library showcase recent creative and scholarly works by Williams professors that were submitted for the Dean of Faculty’s end of year reception. Stop by the lobby and Lippman Atrium at Sawyer to view What Are They Thinking, featuring materials by professors in the arts,… Continue reading »

Imagining American Union

America has always been in search of a more perfect union. The sheer diversity and size of the country, while a great blessing, is also a constant source of strife: how can so many different people agree on the common good? Who is allowed to craft this myth? How do… Continue reading »

Our Sun

Now on display at the Schow Science Library, books featuring the topic of our sun and eclipses. Presented in conjunction with Professor Jay Pasachoff, Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy, and the Sigma Xi Spring Lecture Series, these books have been selected by and from the personal library of Professor Pasachoff. … Continue reading »

“Take Due Notice” of Native presence and absence

In this Chapin Gallery exhibit on view until May 12, 2017, Library Special Collections contributes to the campus-wide dialog sparked by the Log mural depicting Ephraim Williams and Hendrick Peters Theyanoguin, and contextualizes the relationship between Williams College and Native Americans. Library collections reveal the presence of Native Americans in… Continue reading »