Catalog Enhancements

Since we launched the new library catalog in July 2016, we’ve been gathering feedback from users about what works, and what doesn’t. In response to what doesn’t work, we’ve made a number of enhancements to improve the user experience.

We appreciate those who have sent feedback so far, and we’re always willing to listen to suggestions. You can get in touch in the following ways:

  • Use the “report a problem” link found in individual catalog records to tell us when something’s not working.
  • Send us general feedback about the discovery experience
  • Talk to your library liaison

Libraries release ODI Conformance Statement

Libraries are encouraged to take specific measures to assert their conformance with the recommended practice of NISO’s Open Discovery Initiative. These measures are voluntarily made by each organization, in an effort to increase transparency and communications around pre-indexed or “web-scale” library discovery services. The ODI Conformance Checklists enable standardized methods for content providers, discovery service providers, and libraries to assert their ODI conformance to each other. See the Libraries' ODI Conformance Checklist. Continue reading »

An open database of 24,659,261 free scholarly articles

When you search the library catalog you will now come across a new way to access scholarly articles. It is called Unpaywall and is designed to put the free versions of scholarly articles at the forefront. For searching outside of the library catalog, Unpaywall also offers a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Once installed, the extension displays a green icon when the paywalled paper you're viewing is OA available. Continue reading »