Libraries moving to Okta on July 12

On July 12, we will be changing how you authenticate to access library resources, from on and off campus. This change will also affect how you authenticate to place interlibrary loan requests.

As part of a campus-wide shift, we’re switching from Shibboleth to Okta. Okta will give you a more barrier-free experience by:

  • prompting you to log in less often
  • ensuring that you see the same screen every time you log in.

Additionally, Okta’s multi-factor authentication approach will help improve security and privacy.

  • This change is intended to affect how you log in, but not who can log in. Generally, if you're able to access library subscription resources now, you will be able to after the change. You may already be using Okta to access basic services like email and Workday, but if you haven't used it yet, you can find Okta setup instructions on the OIT website.

  • The login screens are slightly different:

    Screenshot of the Shibboleth login prompt
    Shibboleth login screen

    Screenshot of the Okta login prompt
    Okta login screen

  • If you have problems or questions, ask a librarian via email, chat, phone, SMS, or in-person.  We're happy to help!