BasicSearch: a workshop series for beginning researchers

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This workshop series is intended for first-year students and anyone who would like an introduction to researching at Williams. Workshops build off one another, but can be taken individually as well.

Sessions will be held on Wednesday afternoons (4:30-6pm) and Thursday evenings (7-8:30pm), September 20 through October 12.

Registration required:

Workshops in the series include:

#CANDY – September 20 and 21

This first workshop will explore information organization and retrieval through candy and social media. Did we mention FREE CANDY?!


Advanced (Google) Searching – September 27 and 28

Learn some new tricks to find information using Google and the Library Catalog, and then test your skills with a search-based competition. Prizes to the winners!


Wikipedia Editing – October 4 and 5

Put your new research skills to the test as we use Williams library resources to improve Wikipedia pages.


Plagiarism Awareness – October 11 and 12

Learn more about why citation matters, when and how to cite information, and get to know the Williams Honor Code.


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