Special Collections Summer Research Fellowships

Williams students, apply for a summer research fellowship! These fellowships are designed to fully support use of Library Special Collections (the Chapin Library or the College Archives) over the course of a summer. During a fellowship, students work closely with library staff to continue an ongoing project or delve into new research. Applicants will be evaluated on their proposed use of materials held in Library Special Collections and the impact of their research project. In their proposals, students should include a description of the research project and its significance or impact, and specify which materials in Special Collections they plan to use. Fellows will be funded according to the Williams campus summer rate for a term of 6 to 8 weeks. Funded students will present the results of their research to a campus audience. To learn more about Special Collections, visit specialcollections.williams.edu. For more information about how to apply, see the Summer Fellowships information sheet.