Sawyer Library Display: Works by Vina Nweke

As part of their WGSS thesis, student Vina Nweke created PHANTOM FLESH: TOWARDS A GHOSTLY INCARNATION, now on display in the Lippman Atrium in Sawyer Library.

Artist Statement:

Untitled Video #5, figure studies, 2021 and Tits, 2021 are two pieces featured in my larger thesis project that seeks to interrogate the image of the Black female body fractured by the visual sphere. I move towards seeking what emerges between material and being. Between the body and matter. Between the individual and collective. Between interior and exterior. Between generation and generation.

I am on a quest for new roads to (un)familiar materials through sculpture, craft-making, and world-building. Through my research, I hazard the question of what a body is, and why it is such a tortuous, humorous, sedulous substance. My work is centered on interrogating materiality, and troubling those sticky boundaries of being. Here, I aim to form a réplique to that exhausting, persistent project of human and this body tangled with the peculiar process of plasticity.

Visit Sawyer Library through May 20 to see the work in person, or see photos on social media.