Discussion of essay "Reading in the Age of Distrust"

Project Information Literacy LogoJoin librarians on May 4, at 4PM for a discussion of Alison Head’s essay Reading in the Age of Distrust. This second essay in the Project Information Literacy Provocation Series emanated from the age-old question “do college students read books anymore?” It examines the notion of reading competencies in the digital age, and discusses the key role of  analytical reading in civic life.

Alison J. Head is Editor of the PIL Provocation Series, Director of Project Information Literacy, and a Senior Researcher at the metaLAB (at) Harvard. She developed and taught new media courses as the Roy Disney Visiting Professor at Saint Mary’s College in California for 10 years.

Project Information Literacy (PIL) is a nonprofit research institute that conducts studies on how early adults find and use information as they progress through, and beyond their higher education years. The Provocation Series launched in January 2021 features essays examining societal aspects of information literacy. Williams Libraries is an official Champion of PIL’s Provocation Series.

The article discussion will be on May 4, 4:00-5:00 PM (EDT) and is open to all interested in questions of teaching, skills acquisition, information and media literacy.  Sign-up is required: Here is the registration form.

The discussion of the first Project Information Literacy Provocation Series essay was attended by a broad group of educators, students, librarians from across Berkshire County who reported great appreciation for this discussion across institutions and academic responsibilities. We hope that you will join this next discussion in May.