New Schow Display: Celebrating Black History Month in the Sciences

People of color (POC) have made invaluable contributions to all scientific disciplines and subjects, including space exploration (Mae Jemison, Katherine Johnson, Annie Easley), environmental conservation (George Washington Carver), drug synthesis (Percy Julian), and neurosurgery (Alexa Canady). These contributions have saved lives and improved our understanding of our universe – and yet STEM fields often look overwhelmingly white.

While the sciences strive for objectivity, they are not immune to bias. Even today, famous discoveries and accomplishments of Black scientists are only starting to be recognized and celebrated, and credit given where it is due.

Many faculty and staff here at Williams are working to increase and empower diversity in all forms here at Williams and beyond, through their own research and by supporting the work of others. Ask them about it, and check out the books and resources here! Display is located outside of Schow Science Library.