Exhibit: Continuing the Struggle: Remembering Student Activism in the Creation of Latinx/a/o Studies

Sawyer Library Lobby
May 3-19
curated by Franklin De La Cruz ’21

From the curator statement:
The exhibit, entitled ‘Continuing the Struggle‘, highlights the history of the program and ties it into the present, realizing that the reality of “establishing a multicultural society” on campus and in the nation alike feels particularly relevant in the present. It tries to capture the immense labor of past students who fought for a more inclusive education that accounted for their experiences and the communities from which they come.

Continuing the Struggle The exhibit is designed in a nonlinear time progression. The display cases can be viewed in any order and are intentionally made to be seen circularly (giving attention to the cyclical nature of time). While the front of the display cases (facing the circulation desk) only feature only the voices of those involved in the activism, the back (opposite of the circulation desk) features responses to the events. The exhibit is an experience for current students, past students, those who were able to finish, and those who were not. They are all remembered and commemorated.

To read the full curator statement, visit the exhibit in Sawyer Library.

-Franklin De La Cruz ’21 is an American Studies major and a Latina and Latino Studies and Africana double concentrator. He completed the archival research, curated, conceptualized, and created the exhibit.