Shred Day

Photo of shredded paperNovember 2 2018, beginning at 8:30am

ProShred, a professional confidential disposition company, will shred (on-site at the Library Shelving Facility) records in need of destruction.

In order to store material in preparation for confidential disposition, you must have a label and an accession number.

How it works:

  1. Email Jessika Drmacich at [email protected] with the number of boxes you plan to shred. Jessika will provide an accession number. Put the accession number and other relevant information on box labels. (Choose File –> Copy to save a copy for your own use). This is required.
  2. Register. This is also required.
  3. Once Jessika is contacted and the form is filled out, Jessika, in consort with Library Shelving Facility Staff, will arrange for pickup of your boxes. The final day for pickup for this shred cycle is Tuesday October 30 2018.
  4. The shred company shreds material on November 2, 2018 at the Library Shelving Facility.

If materials to be shredded are in binders, please remove the paper from the binders. Three ring binders cannot be shredded. You do not need to remove paper clips or staples.

You can also dispose of floppy discs, audio cassettes, VHS, CDs, and DVDs. Please separate this type of material in a separate box that is clearly labeled.

If you are uncertain of what to shred, please refer to your department’s or office’s retention schedule. If you don’t have a retention schedule and would like one, contact us.

Questions? Contact us.