CES Celebrates 50 Years!

Photo of the displayThe Center for Environmental Studies turns 50 this year! To honor this milestone, the College Archives has curated an exhibit highlighting the Center’s history since its founding in 1967. Visit the exhibit in the Steven Schow ’81 Gallery in Special Collections, fourth floor of Sawyer Library.

Established in October 1967, it is one of the first environmental studies programs established at a liberal arts college. CES administers a variety of activities in which students are able to lead and participate alongside members of the Williams community. Resources offered to students include databases, funding for student organizations, activities initiated by students, and support for summer internships and research. CES is currently located in the Class of 1966 Environmental Center (a Living Building). The exhibition highlights six major components of the Center for Environmental Studies: 1) origins and founding of CES; 2) Environmental Studies academic program; 3) log lunches; 4) environmental activism; 5) Hopkins Memorial Forest, and 6) the Class of 1966 Environmental building/Kellogg House.