Library of Congress Classification for Theatre

Williams College Libraries arrange materials on the shelves using the Library of Congress Classification System. This system groups together materials on similar subjects in the same call number range. This system is used in the book stacks and in the reference collection. Knowing the call number range for a particular subject will allow you to browse the shelves for materials.

Below are some call number ranges of interest for theatre research.


  • Literature (General). Drama: PN1600-3307
    • Drama. History: PN 1720-1861
    • Dramatic representation. The Theater: PN2000-3307
        By time period: PN2131-2193
    • Collections of General Literature. Drama: PN6110.5-6120


The following areas of literature also have call number ranges for drama history and criticism and drama collections. You will also find plays and criticism in the subject area for individual authors. The call number areas for individual authors are broken down by time period and then alphabetical by author:

  • Romance Literatures: PQ
      French Literature
      • Drama History and Criticism: PQ500-591
      • Drama Collections: PQ1211-1241
      • Authors: PQ1411-2726
      Italian Literature
      • Drama History and Criticism: PQ4133-4160
      • Drama Collections: PQ4227-4245
      • Authors: PQ4265-4926
      Spanish Literature
      • Drama History and Criticism: PQ6098.7-6129
      • Drama Collections: PQ6217-6241
      • Authors: PQ6271-6726
  • English Literature: PR
    • Drama History and Criticism: PR621-739
    • Drama Collections: PR1241-1273
    • Authors: PR1490-6126
  • American Literature: PS
    • Drama History and Criticism: PS330-352
    • Drama Collections: PS623-635
    • Authors: PS700-3626
  • German Literature: PT
    • Drama History and Criticism: PT605-709
    • Drama Collections: PT1251-1299
    • Authors: PT1501-2728

Related Areas

The related areas below are useful in helping to understand the historical context and design elements appropriate for that context:

  • General and World History: D (general world history and breakdowns by country. Within each category, it is further arranged by time period.)
  • American History: E and F
  • Manners and Customs: GT
    • Houses. Dewllings: GT 170-474
    • Costume. Dress. Fashion: GT500-2370
  • Social History: HN
  • Music: M
    • History and Criticism: ML 159-360 (arranged by special time periods and then by country)
    • Musical Theater: MT955-956
  • Fine Arts: N
    • History of Art: N5300-7418 (arranged by time periods and movements, followed by countries arranged by time period then movements)
    • Special Subjects of Art: N7570-8266
      • Portraits: N7575-7624 (view details; requires Williams login)
      • Humans in art: N7625.5-7649.A-.Z
      • Other special subjects: N8217-8266 (view details; requires Williams login)
    • Architecture: NA
    • Decorative Arts: NK
      • Interior Decoration. House Decoration: NK1700-3505
  • Technology: T
    • Artistic Photography: TR644-687 (view details; requires Williams login)
      • Portraits: TR680-681
      • Fashion Photography: TR679
    • Clothing Manufacture. Dressmaking. Tailoring: TT490-695
    • Hairdressing: TT950-979
    • Home Economics: TX

For additional information see Library of Congress Classification Outline.