History 149: Historiographical Essay Example

"All scholars build on the work of those who have come before them. Historians are no exception. If you look at review articles in professional historical journals, the introductory chapters of history books (or the first chapter of many Williams history theses) you will find comprehensive overviews of the prevalent debates on a given topic. A historiographical review essay usually summarizes and analyzes the major arguments and debates about a given topic. In your final essay for this course, you will use 5-7 secondary sources (including at least three books) to write a historiographical review of a central debate in Cuban Studies." (Prof. Benson, HIST 149 syllabus, Fall 2009)

For an example of this type of historiographical review essay, see:

Alejandro de la Fuente. "Myths of Racial Democracy: Cuba, 1900-1912"
Latin American Research Review 34, no. 3 (1999): 39-73.