How to Find Plays

The library does not have a separate plays section.  Plays are found within the literature section (the Ps on levels 2 and 1), which is organized by nation, time period, and then author.  This arrangement means that works by a playwright could be next to a fiction writer or a poet, so browsing for plays is a bit difficult.

If you don't have a particular playwright or play in mind, the general literature section and each national literature section have a call number area for collections of plays.  Try browsing in the following areas:

General: PN6110.5-6120

Titles of note: 
Best Plays of [year]
Best One-Act Plays

American: PS623-635
British: PR1241-1273
French: PQ1211-1241
German: PT1251-1299
Italian: PQ4227-4245
Russian: PG 3240-3255

If you are looking for a particular play text, it might be published in one of several ways: full playscript published separately, in an anthology on a particular theme or covering a particular time period, in a periodical, or on the web.  Each of these publication types has a different search strategy for finding the text (see below).  Also keep in mind that some plays are never commercially published.

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