How to Find Fiction

Like in most academic libraries, there is no "fiction section" in Sawyer.  We do collect fiction, but we treat this collection like all the others: we catalog it according to the  Library of Congress call number system.  This means that fiction is shelved according to the author's country of origin and time period.  Critical works on fiction (literary criticism) and translations are shelved side by side with the novels.

To find works of fiction in Sawyer, it helps to be familiar with the following broad Library of Congress classification schemes for fiction:

American - PS 3550-3626
Arabic - PJ 7800-8517
British- PR 6050-6126
Canadian - PR 9198.2-9199.4
Caribbean, African, and Asian literature written in English - PR 9205-9570
Chinese - PL 2832.5-3207
French- PQ 2660-3807
Literature written in French outside of France - PQ 3809-3999
German - PT 2660-3807
Literature written in German outside of Germany - PT 3808-3971.2
Hebrew - PJ 5035-5055
Italian - PQ 4860-5904
Collections of Indian literature, regardless of language - PK 5401-5471
For South Asian literature written in a particular language, ask a librarian 
Japanese - PL 821-889
Korean - PL 992-998
Portuguese - PQ 9262-9411
Literature written in Portuguese outside of Portugal - PQ9421-9999
Russian - PG 3475-3550
Spanish - PQ 6650-7011
Literature written in Spanish outside of Spain - PQ 7020-8929

Search options in FRANCIS, the library catalog

1) Search by Author

2) Search by Title of the novel

3) Search for Keyword "Fiction" then limit to either a language, an author, a country, a topic, etc. 

NOTE: Searching for the Keyword "Fiction" will also retrieve citation for literary criticism on a particular novel.

Finding recent fiction

Option 1:  Consult the New Acquisitions list
Fiction recently acquired by the library is made first made available in the New Books area of Sawyer and is included in our weekly New Acquisitions list.  You may set up an RSS feed to be automatically notified of new library acquisitions.

Option 2: Search FRANCIS
Search for the keyword  "Fiction" then limit by date

Option 3: Browse the stacks
Use the Library of Congress classification system, to locate the general area of interest. In each section, the greater the number, the more recent the book

Going beyond Williams

If the book that you want is not available at Williams, you may place a request through Williams Interlibrary Loan (WILL) to borrow it from another library.

If you need assistance searching for fiction, don't hesitate to ask a librarian

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