Mozilla Firefox (PC)

Note: The screens on this page are from Mozilla Firefox Version 3.0 on Windows XP.
Your controls may appear differently (if you don't see Options under Tools, go to Firefox menu | Preferences.)

  • Open FireFox
  • Go to Tools | Options
  • Click on Advanced, then the Network tab, then Settings...

    step 1
  • Select Manual proxy configuration
  • In the box labeled "HTTP Proxy" type
  • In the box labeled "Port" type 3128

    step 2
  • Click OK for the Connection Settings Box and OK for the Options box
  • When you go to a new web page or reload the page you were on, a box will pop up asking you to log in - use your Novell username and password

    step 3

  • When you are finished using Williams resources, return to Settings... and change the button back to No Proxy. The proxy server settings will be saved, so the next time you want to use the proxy server, you will just need to click the Manual proxy configuration button to re-enable the proxy server.