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Collections Status

As we prepare for the opening of the new Sawyer Library in 2014, it is important to note that access to certain collections has been affected.  

Closed collections:

  • Archives' rare books collection (until 2014)
  • Archives' Shaker collection (until 2014)

Reduced access:

Archives and Chapin Library
The College Archives and the Chapin Library moved out of Stetson Hall and into temporary quarters in the summer of 2008.  A small working collection was retained for the use of College Archives patrons and is accessible in temporary quarters.  Because most of the collections are not available, please contact  Archives or Chapin Library prior to your visit to inquire about collections' availability.

Transfer of collections to Library Shelving Facility (LSF)

  • Government Documents (Currently Being Transferred)
    As part of an overall collection re-organization in the new library, the government documents collection is being relocated to the LSF.  Move of the documents started in the fall of 2011 and will be ongoing until 2014.  Documents in the LSF will be available for retrieval through FRANCIS, the library catalog with a retrieval time is 24H Monday-Friday (no retrievals on weekends). Government Documents Move Schedule.

  • Sawyer bound journals  (Transfer completed)
    Articles from journals in storage may be requested online and will be delivered through our document-delivery service. More on Sawyer journals relocation

  • VHS collection (Transfer completed)
    VHS are available for retrieval from the LSF through FRANCIS, the library catalog, with a retrieval time is 24H Monday-Friday (no retrievals on weekends).

Gifts Policy for 2007-2014

Until the new Sawyer Library facility opens, Williams College Libraries will be unable to accept large gift donations. Please consult  the Williams College Libraries Acquisitions Gift Policy before bringing donations to the library. 

Donations to the Chapin Library are still being accepted.  Contact the Chapin Library staff to inquire about specifics.