News and Exhibits

Shakespeare and His World

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow: but only a few tomorrows remain before the Chapin Library exhibition “While Thy Booke Doth Live”: Shakespeare and His World closes on Tuesday, October 11th. See it now in the Chapin Gallery, Sawyer 406, Monday–Friday, 10:00–5:00. The display includes all of the folio editions of… Continue reading »

Summer Fellowship Photos

What does a Summer Fellowship Look Like?  Check out the photographs taken by fellowship recipients.  Through the photos, you will travel to Spain, the Philippines, Japan, Russia, Cuba, China, and beyond. Located in the Class of ’87 Forum, Sawyer Library. For more information, visit the Williams Fellowships web site. Continue reading »

Color Our Collections

As a general practice we discourage bringing paints, colored pencils, and crayons into Special Collections (for all the obvious reasons). We know you’re disappointed. But here’s the next best thing: The Special Collections Coloring Book. Make your mark on these rare images from the Williams College Archives… Continue reading »